Reese Richards grew up in Canada moving from army base to army base and province to province – ranging from British Columbia through to Ontario.

After graduating at the top of his class in Business Marketing, Reese got his first real taste for travel in 2000.  A college graduation trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with his classmates planted the travel bug that would “plague” him for the rest of his life.

Reese Richards dot com:  Internet Marketing. Put Simply.
After Mexico came Spain, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia and Cambodia.  And after those trips,  Mr. Richards decided to pick up and leave Ottawa, Canada in 2003 and move to Taiwan where he stayed doing business – on and offline and traveling for 8 years.

Some of the ventures that he was involved in included starting the first speed dating company in Taiwan, two national, bilingual magazines, a live music bar, an import / export company, and a nutritions company spanning 14 countries.

During his 8 years in Taiwan, Reese quenched his taste for travel by visiting many more countries including Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Macau and the Philippines.


Now residing back in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Reese Richards spends his time working from home on his online businesses, travelling when he can as well as consulting for bars, restaurants and other small local businesses.

His company’s 3 strongest areas of expertise include:

  1. Online Reputation Management
  2. Video Creation & Marketing
  3. Facebook Marketing.

If you’d like to get in touch with Reese Richards directly, you may do so by using the contact form or through any of his online presences below:


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Reese Richards’ Facebook Business Pages





Reese Richards on Youtube YouTube.com/IMproductsreview




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Reese Richards’ WEBSITES


Bars-and-Bartending.com – One of Reese Richards first ventures into creating a residual, income-earning authority site.  The site now brings in more than 30,000 visitors a month. From his 20 years experience in the bar industry – from bartending to ownership to consultant – comes this information packed site about all aspects of bartending.



Reese Richards - InstantlyFallAsleep.com

InstantlyFallAsleep.com – A site originally set up to sell Reese Richards sleep ebook Get To Sleep Now! It has now become a useful source of better sleep information for 1000s of people worldwide.

Reese Richards - OnlyInTaiwan.com

OnlyInTaiwan.com – From Reese’s 8 years spent doing business and traveling in Taiwan comes this informative site about the people, culture, history and events that take place on the wonderful little island that is Taiwan.

Reese Richards: Internet Marketing. Put Simply.

ReeseRichards.com – Reese’s personal blog where he unveils the “mystery” that is success in Internet Marketing.  From internet marketing tips, tricks, strategies and resources, Reese what works for his own online business as well as helping local offline businesses succeed.

Bar CPR - bar consulting victoria bc

BarCPR.com – One of the companies underneath the Brilliantly Rich Media company owned by Mr. Richards.  Bar CPR offers consulting and marketing advice to local area businesses – specifically bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs.

fb university logo

FB-University.com – A Facebook for Business learning hub containing relevant news, articles and tutorials on every aspect of Facebook.  FB University training course available online.




Reese Richards BOOKS


Reese Richards Author: The Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing: Top Trends from Today’s Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy.
 Reese Richards was a contributing author for The Next Big Thing – which made it to the top of two bestseller lists on Amazon.


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