Auto Publish to Facebook: Posting Blog Content Automatically on Facebook

auto publish on Facebook

Auto Publish to Facebook -
Posting Blog Content Automatically on Facebook


If you’re looking to auto publish to Facebook from your blog, I like the way you think!  It’s already enough work creating valuable content consistently for your blog or website so why not take advantage of that work and parlay it into more content for other platforms?

The fact is that there are people who are going to visit your site who won’t visit your Faceboook page and vice versa.  This gives you a little more time and, although you don’t have any say over the formatting, it’s a good way to fill in the gaps of your regular posting on your Facebook page.

This app shown in the video below, Networked Blogs, allows you to easily auto publish your content from your blog or website into Facebook.

The Good:  it allows you to kill two birds with one stone and get content out on two platforms instantly

The Bad: you can’t customize the look or frequency nor choose which posts go and which ones don’t.  There’s also a delay between publishing on your blog and the post appearing on Facebook which can wreak havoc if you’re trying to post on a strict schedule.

Watch the video below on using Networked Blogs to auto publish your site or blog content straight to Facebook.


If you were looking for a piece of software that can pull content from multiple sources online – article sites, Yahoo answers, Youtube, RSS etc and really autopost on Facebook, I highly recommend Content Gorilla with the Facebook upgrade (Content Gorilla is how this post was made).

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