Best Hosting Company: Hostgator vs Godaddy vs Bluehost vs Dreamhost vs Certified Hosting

Out of the Top 5 Hosting Companies, Who's the Best Hosting Company?

Hostgator vs Godaddy vs Bluehost vs Dreamhost vs Certified Hosting – If you're looking for the best hosting company to host your website with, read on.  If you're looking for the short answer, my personal opinion is that Certified Hosting is the best hosting company.  I'll give a little preamble about my own experience with hosting and then I'll break down the costs and features of the top 5 web hosting companies.

When I first needed hosting – back in 2007 – I went with Godaddy because they were the ones I had chosen to register my domain with (it was likely advertising that got me to choose them as my domain name registrar in the first place).   It should be noted here that whoever you end up choosing to host your website with, buy your domain from someone else – don’t purchase your domain and hosting from the same company.

At the time, for something as simple as a one or two-page mini-site, Godaddy worked fine for me.  Once my websites grew and I started to need and utilize the tools, systems, software and support, however, I started to realize that there must be other companies out who make it easier than Godaddy.

At that point, I moved over to Hostgator (again, due to advertising or some promotion).  Hostgator has a lot going for it – they did not get to be one of the biggest hosting companies in the world without providing a good product and service.  I eventually got upset about the wait times to tech support with Hostgator, however, and, this time upon the recommendation of a friend, I moved my hosting over to a company called Certified Hosting (who I’m still with today).   

Take a look at the chart below:


Comparing the top 5 Hosting Companies:
Hostgator vs Godaddy vs Bluehost vs Dreamhost vs Certified Hosting

  Hostgator Godaddy Bluehost Dreamhost Certified Hosting
Disk Space Unlimited 100G Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Domains  1 1 Unlimited Unlimited 1
Uptime Guarantee 99.9%  99.9%  99.9%  100% 99.9% 
Money Back Guarantee 45 Days 30 Days 30 Days 97 Days Anytime
Bonuses for New Account Sign Ups $100 Adwords Credit $107 Adwords / 
$53 FB Ads Credit
  $75 Adwords Credit $100 Adwords Credit
Other Features Shared SSL   SSL Secure Server   Free Site Builder + Website Templates
Price (12 mth term) $5.56 $5.99 $5.95 $9.95 $6.95
Promotions 25% Off Free Domain + SAVE 50% Free Domain Free Domain 50% Off
24/7 Support Phone + IM Phone + Email Phone + Live Chat (US-based) Email Phone + IM + Email
Other Notes MINIMUM 15min Hold Time for customer support – phone or live chat MINIMUM 5min Hold Time for customer support Very strict about site content. Many countries on ban list. The only 100% Uptime Guarantee. Upscale provider with upscale pricing and functionality Excellent & QUICK customer support.  
Promo Code

SNEAKY2FIVE for 25% Off

50% discount
    CERTIFIED for 50% Off


Below I've outlined some of the core features and benefits of each company as well as my own personal rating from my own experience with each of these companies.  First let's take a look at Hostgator vs Godaddy. 


Best Hosting Company:  Hostgator vs Godaddy
When comparing Hostgator vs Godaddy for title of best hosting company, there’s no doubt who comes out on top – Hostgator, by far.  Godaddy is first and foremost a domain registrar.  Hosting comes secondary for Godaddy and their user interface shows it.  When using Godaddy for hosting, I found myself on the phone with support (which was decent once you got them on the line) more than I should have been due to a horrible user interface and bad customer experience.  This is because Godaddy uses their own proprietary system instead of the widely accepted cpanel used by other hosting companies on the list such as Hostgator and Certified Hosting. 


Best Hosting Company:  Hostgator vs Certified Hosting
Both Hostgator and Certified Hosting are good companies.  In my experience, I’ve found Certified Hosting to be the best hosting company and it’s who I’ve used for years and who I continue to use as my company’s hosting company.  Certified Hosting has much better customer service than Hostgator as well as having an almost non-existent hold time.  In addition to that, Certified Hosting has better pricing as they often offer 50% discounts for new customers. 


Here is a list of the best hosting companies online – starting with the best:

5-Star:  Certified Hosting Best Hosting Company: Certified Hosting I personally consider Certified Hosting to be the best hosting company on the web.  Why? Because I’ve used so many other web hosting companies and none of them provide the total package of price, reliability and support like Certified Hosting does. 


4.5 Star: HostgatorBest Hosting Company: HostgatorThese guys are one of the biggest players when it comes to web hosting and services.  Many times when speaking to customer support, however, you get the feeling that they know that and don’t care as much about customer service.  Customer service is really my only complaint when it comes to Hostgator.  There customer service is good – it just takes some time to get them on the phone or through live chat. 



4 Star: DreamhostBest Hosting Company: DreamhostI’ve never hosted with Dreamhost so I can’t share any personal experiences.  I can, however, sum up what other people have reviewed around the web and that is that Dreamhost is a more upscale hosting company which costs a little bit more than the others but offers more back-end services (many more services than the average newbie webmaster actually needs) and features.



3.5 Star: BluehostBest Hosting Company: BluehostIf you live in the States and you have no use for Google Adwords credits and your website only contains “clean” content, you’ll be golden with Bluehost.  They have good services and customer support but are a little too strict when it comes to which countries can host with them as well as what you can host with them.  If you have a lot of domains with single page sites and you live in the US, this is a good hosting company for you.



3 Star: GodaddyBest Hosting Company: GodaddyGodaddy started out as a domain registrar and then later added web hosting to their offerings.  They are a massive company and, because they spend enormous amounts on marketing and advertising, are only getting bigger.  That doesn’t mean that they’re getting any better, however.  I actually buy all my domains through Godaddy – but I host my sites with Certified Hosting.  Godaddy’s proprietary back office system for managing your website is very confusing.  And, although they do offer 24/7 phone support, you’ll be spending a lot of time with them trying to get things figured out.  And the phrase “our support doesn’t cover that” comes out all to often. 


Overall Best Hosting Company:  Certified Hosting

To wrap up, I’ll share my thoughts as to how the final ratings were tabulated for each web hosting company in order to come up with what I think is the best hosting company.   The deciding factors for awarding the title of the best hosting company – in addition to personal experience and web reviews – came down to 3 main factors:  price, reliability and customer support.  The fact that Certified Hosting has a No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee just tilted the scales even more. Certified hosting is like a mini Hostgator but with better support, pricing and a wicked money back guarantee.


If you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment below.  Also, if you have personal experience with other web-hosting companies not listed here and think you have a better contender for “best hosting company” than my opinion of Certified Hosting, I’d love to hear about it. 

When it comes down to it, the best hosting company is the one that provides the best value, has the best customer support and provides a no-hassles money-back guarantee (in case you find out being a webmaster is just not for you).  From my experience, that’s Certified Hosting with Hostgator coming in a close 2nd.




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  1. Kent Brown (KBrown)
    6 years ago

    I use blue host. when i have a problem i have never had to wait. great service, killer company, and i use hostgator. i have tried a few thrid party types and they all sucked for some reason or another.

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