Facebook Cover Image Dimensions and Rules

facebook cover image dimensions

Facebook Cover Image Dimensions and Rules


Facebook cover image dimensions changed dramatically when Facebook changed over to the Timeline layout.  And with the increase in size came an increase in the Facebook cover image rules governing what Facebook considers to be in or outside its new T.O.S.

The Facebook cover image dimensions are:  851 x 315 pixels.  If you need to know the other dimensions and sizes of Facebook images, check out the article on Search Engine Watch.



Facebook has rules about what can and can’t appear on the cover image.  For example, they don’t allow more than 20% text.  More and more people are getting to know about this but did you know that that 20 percent rule carries over into ad images and for posts you may want to promote?  That’s right – you can’t promote a post or use an image for a Facebook ad that has more than 20% text.

But how can you possibly know if your image has more than 20 percent text?  Well, luckily Facebook has provided a little tool where you can upload your image and it will show you how much text you’re using.  You can access Facebook’s 20 percent tool here.




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