Free Pinterest Cheat Sheet

Free Pinterest Cheat Sheet

Free IM Cheat Sheets #3

the Free Pinterest Cheat Sheet


This next free cheat sheet is about something a little newer to the social media scene – Pinterest and Instagram.   Images have been all the rage online – and they have the ability to bring in a ton of traffic.


These two cheat sheets – one free Pinterest cheat sheet and one free Instagram cheat sheet – contain the Dos and Don’ts of the Pinterest / Instagram scene as well as touching on things like the SEO advantages of using these platforms.



If you want to get into the mechanics of Pinterest and really make it work for you – and it DOES work IF you WORK IT, check out Pinned SEO Suite.


Precious (the guy’s name who put out the software) puts out some really good products.  Although the English may not be perfect, he makes up for it with his simple step-by-step, follow-me approach that gets results.


See you next time with the next free cheat sheet in the series.



 Be sure to visit, the creators of this particular set of online marketing cheat sheets.


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