How to Do Keyword Research

How To Do Keyword Research

How to Do Keyword Research


If you’re wondering how to do keyword research, congratulations – you’re a step ahead of most of your competition.  The fact that you realize that researching keywords before you go ahead and create your website, design the graphics and write the content means you’re well ahead of the majority of business owners out there.


When I was first learning how to do keyword research, I quickly found the one and only tool you really need – the Google Keyword Research Tool (GKWT).  The best thing about this tool is that it’s free and it’s run by the same company whose first page you’re trying to appear on – Google.  Although the precise accuracy of the numbers provided by the GKWT have been debated, it is still an incredible tool that can provide you with as much information as you need to know about keywords.

If you don’t know the basics about keyword research or the GKWT, scroll through the help documents accompanying the GKWT – they’ll show you everything you need to know about the tool and the basics behind how to do keyword research.  Alternatively, I’ve written a previous post on Understanding Keywords – which might give you a foundation for understanding how to do keyword research.


This post is going to focus more on an advanced trick I use myself when doing keyword research for a new niche or product.  Follow the steps in the videos below and learn how to do keyword research that quickly brings back hundreds (if not thousands) of niche-specific, winnable keywords for your project.

How to Do Keyword Research – Part 1

How to Do Keyword Research - Part 2

The next step, after you’ve gotten a list of winnable keywords – between 400 and 4000 exact match global monthly searches – is to research the competition.  I’ll save the detailed explanation for another post but you can check your competition manually by typing in each of your short-listed keywords into Google to check how many pages rank for that specific keyword (rather than a variation of it) and which of those pages are authority sites (which are harder to displace).


That’s it for this post on how to do keyword research.  If you’ve found it useful or have anything to add, please leave a comment below.



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