How To Make An Animoto Video

How To Make an Animoto Video

How To Make An Animoto Video

to Wow Your Clients


Animoto is an excellent online video creator for the marketer and home hobbyist alike.  And learning how to make an Animoto video is actually pretty simple. Now that you’ve found the keywords you want your video to rank for (by using my super-ninja technique that I laid out in my post:  How to Do Keyword Research) it’s time to actually make your video using Animoto.


Before we jump into how to make an Animoto video, however, let’s first go over the 5 different methods of creating video for your business:


  1. Film yourself
  2. Create a video with screen capture software like Camtasia or Screenflow (or search for “free screen capture software”)
  3.  Create a Powerpoint presentation and save it as a movie
  4. Use pics / images and text to create a short video using free Animoto software.
  5. Outsource one of the above 4 to someone else



The video I shot below on How to Make an Animoto Video was done using screen capture software (#2 above).  For the purposes of creating promotional videos for clients or your own business, using (#4) is also a great choice.  It’s simple to use – you just upload a couple of images to the Animoto platform, add some text and choose some music from the options they provide (or you can add your own music).


Here is my step-by-step video tutorial on How to Make An Animoto Video to wow your clients.




If you’re learning how to make an Animoto video as an introduction to your services or as a quick promotional video, it might be okay to use the free version of Animoto (shown above).  However, since the free version of Animoto contains their logo and not-the-greatest resolution, you should upgrade to the Animoto Pro account if you plan on using this technique for your offline clients.  The Pro account is the only plan which gives you the ability to resell the videos as well as the option of removing the Animoto logo from the video.



I do have another post showing you a method SOME people are using to remove the Animoto logo from their videos.  I haven’t read through all of Animoto’s Terms of Service but I advise against using this method if you plan on distributing your video further than your own computer. 


If you found the above information on how to make an Animoto video useful, please comment below or share this page.


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