How to Stay Focused: Getting out of the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome rut

How to Stay Focused – Avoiding Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

Here’s a real-life example of Bright Shiny Object Syndrome and a lesson on how to stay focused.  For some of you reading this, you will think of shiny object syndrome as the need to pick up the next, best and latest push-button, make-me-instantly-rich software or course.   And although that situation is very common and very detrimental indeed, I wanted to focus on bright shiny object syndrome as it applied to an every day local business / businessman.

I actually think that this topic is so important – how to stay focused – that I created my first ever product in the Internet Marketing niche about it called Prime Directive.

I had a meeting with a client today and all I kept thinking during the meeting was how he needs to learn how to stay more focused.  He and I were sitting in my office discussing a Facebook promotion I’m running for his company.  He had an iPad with him and I began the meeting asking if he’d seen the work I’d done on his FB page yet.  He says he hasn’t and surfs to his page on his iPad.  Marketing Hacks Newsletter

After that point, even though our meeting lasted another hour and a half, I never had my client’s full attention again.  He was too busy, distracted and dazzled by all the shiny objects and “Click Here Now” buttons that he couldn’t concentrate on any one thing for more than 30 seconds.

In fact, I would wager that in an 8-hour day of “working” at the computer, this guy only actually does about an hour to an hour and a half of actual, measurable work.

He is not alone in his actions.  Maybe you don’t have it as bad; but I guarantee that, like me, you suffer from this lack of focus to some degree or another.  And you know what?  It’s DEVASTATING to your business!!
Most of us have this “affliction” but we’re either not aware of it or we just don’t think it’s actually hurting our business.  In other words, you think that you get a lot of work done each day so you don’t fall into this category.  I assure you, however, that learning how to stay focused will benefit you no matter how productive you think you are in a day.

If you’re wondering how to stay more focused and avoid bright shiny object syndrome, here’s an exercise you can do.

An Exercise on How to Stay More Focused

If you only had 2 hours / day to work on your business, what would you do differently?  Suppose that you can only spare 2 hours  per day to do everything that needs to get done in your business each day.  Choose 3-5 things to do during those 2 hours.  Make these money items or things that will bring revenues into your business.  Once you have determined what those all important things are, then you have 3 choices for everything else:


  1. Outsource it
  2. Delegate it to someone else
  3. Stop doing it


By doing this easy exercise, you’ll figure out what’s truly important in your business and be able to focus your energy and time on just those things that are making your business money.


And one more thing to help keep all those distractions at bay – an Egg Timer.  Yup, a modern, online version of your Mom’s cooking timer; this simple countdown clock will help you focus on one task for a specified amount of time.  I suggest setting up the egg timer for 20-40min intervals where you only focus on one thing for that entire time (until the online egg timer beeps).


Both the exercise and the egg timer resource come from an Internet Marketing newsletter that I’ve recently signed up for called Marketing Hacks.  I’m 4 issues in and I’ve taken away something from each and every newsletter – something that has either saved or earned me time and / or money.  Subscribe to Marketing Hacks here.



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Online Egg Timer - learn how to stay more focused using this online countdown timer



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