How to Tell if a Google + Local Page is Claimed / Verified

Claiming Your Google Places Page

Claiming your Google Places Page — Knowing whether or not a Google Places (once called Google Plus Local / Google+ Local / G+ Local) page is claimed by the owner is not so easy anymore.  Before, with the old Google Places pages, the page stated that the listing was either Verified or Unverified.

Now, with the new Google+ Local pages, there is no option to see whether someone has claimed the listing or not.  Why would someone need to know this information?  Well, if you’re into offline marketing and have clients who you provide services to, knowing whether they claimed their G+ Local Page or not is crucial.

If a client hasn’t already claimed their Google Plus Local page, chances are pretty good that you’ll be able to sway them on the importance of verifying and optimizing their Google+ Local page as a way to bring in more customers through their doors.
Here’s how to tell if a Google Plus Local page is claimed or verified.

how to tell if a Google Places page is claimed

Step 1:  Go to a company’s Google Plus Local or Google Places page.  Scroll down the page and on the right hand side, you’ll see something that says “Manage this page”.  Click it.



Step 2:  It’s what shows up on the next page that determines whether or not the company’s Google Plus Local page has been claimed or not.

If you see the following page – with the 3 choices – it means that the company’s Google+ page HAS NOT BEEN VERIFIED.

how to tell if a Google Places page is claimed

And if instead, you see the following page – with just a phone number field – after clicking the “Manage my page” button, you know that the company has already claimed their Google Places / Google + Local page.

claiming your google plus page

If you’re looking for a step-by-step walk-thru of how to claim and optimize your Google + Local page, watch the full video below.


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  1. Al
    6 years ago

    Thanks, finally a simple tutorial that explains the setup with easy step by step instructions. I appreciate it.

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