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Learn Email Marketing:

Being Successful from the Beginning


If you’re looking to learn email marketing, first let me say that you’re wise for doing so.  Email marketing can be very profitable and it’s also one of few areas of internet marketing where an internet marketing newbie could find success.


That being said, finding success with email marketing requires work – as it does with any business model.   When you first start to learn email marketing (assuming you already have a list), and get ready to send out your first email, you’ll likely be a little hesitant at first.  You may have things go through your mind like “why would these people want to hear from me?” or “what do I have to teach these people?” or “what do I write about?” or “why would they listen to me?”.

Learn Email Marketing

Having these questions pop in your head as you’re preparing your first email is normal.  Getting over it is easy – you write the email, click send and gauge response.


The reality is that if you want to learn email marketing and get good at it, you’ll have to do it the same way you’d get good at anything – by practising.  After you send out your first email, you gather feedback and use that information to make the next one better.


Are you going to screw up?  Absolutely!  You’ll send out an email to the wrong list or without a link or at the wrong time.  The point is that you can’t let these things prevent you from making money from email marketing.  As long as you learn from your mistakes and use that knowledge to better yourself as an email marketer, you’re making progress.


If you do any type of email marketing – from broadcasts, follow-ups to newsletters – you realize that there is going to be a certain number of people who unsubscribe.   And this is absolutely normal.  Instead of looking at it from the perspective that they don’t like you or what you’re sending them (this is, of course, assuming you always give awesome value), look at it as a normal part of doing business.  Don’t take anything in business personal.  If a customer leaves, find out the reasons for them leaving, fix them if they’re in your control and disregard it if they’re not.


Someone may unsubscribe because they don’t know how they got on your list in the first place, they don’t remember who you are, they just signed up to your list for a bonus, they don’t want to be involved with Internet Marketing anymore, they’re unsubscribing to every list that day etc.  There are dozens of reasons why someone on your list may unsubscribe.  Look for the areas where you can improve – subject line not corresponding with body of message, subject matter, value you provide, too many links etc, and disregard the ones you can’t control as a normal part of business and push forward with your work.


To learn email marketing successfully from the beginning, is going to require a lot of testing and tweaking – and tracking of your results.  In the end, email marketing is a numbers game with very real people on the other end.  Treat them with respect, always provide value and test and try something new with every email you send out.



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