Online Reputation Management: Victoria, BC

Online Reputation Management: Victoria, BC – If your company is looking into online reputation management services, it’s likely because of one of two situations:

  1. Your company has a BAD or NEGATIVE online reputation
  2. Your company has NO reputation online


Either way, it’s not good.  The good news, however, is that you found this page and the solution to your online reputation management problems.

The fact that your looking for a reputation management service tells me that you understand the importance of your online reputation.  In that regard, you’re ahead of the vast majority of your competitors.

This page is not to talk about how to fix your online reputation or how to manage your online reputation.  I already have plenty of information about the online reputation management Dos and Don’ts which you can find below (click on the image or the link below the image):

Online Reputation Management 101

FREE Online Reputation Management Training Webinar 


If you’ve already watched the Online Reputation Management 101 training above and you don’t have the time or resources to manage your own online reputation; you can hire my online reputation management services.

Please use the contact form here and Reese will respond to you personally to discuss your online reputation management needs.


I look forward to helping you create a 5-star reputation online!




Bar CPR founder Reese Richards









Reese Richards

Online Reputation Management Specialist, Victoria, BC

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