Optimizing Youtube Videos for Google (search)

Optimizing Youtube Videos for Google:

How to do Youtube Video SEO



If you’re using video in your marketing – you’re smart.  And if you’re already optimizing Youtube videos for Google, you’re even smarter.  If you’re only beginning to use video in your marketing or for your clients, no worries.  This post will get you uploading and running in no time.


Just as there are certain things that have to be done to a webpage so that it shows up in the search engines, there are similar things that need to be done to videos.  Thankfully, the process for Youtube video SEO (search engine optimization) is way easier than the on and offline elements that need to be taken into consideration when doing SEO for your site.


If you’re at the stage where you’re looking to upload and optimize Youtube videos (and / or for the other online video sharing platforms like Vimeo, Metacafe, Blip.tv, Flickr, Veoh, Viddler or DailyMotion), I need to assume that you’ve already done your keyword research (using the free Google Keyword Tool and Youtube’s own Keyword Tool) and know what keyword(s) you’re trying to rank for.


If you’re stuck with how to do keyword research, check out my posts Understanding Keywords and How to Do Keyword Research



So moving along, here are the 3 main elements you need to worry about when optimizing youtube videos:


  1. Youtube Title – your video’s title needs to start with the keyword that you’re trying to rank for.  And then, put a colon or hyphen after your keyword and say it a different way (you can see an example of this in the screenshot above).  The first keyword I want to rank for is “optimizing youtube videos” and the secondary keyword is “youtube video seo”.
  2. Youtube Description- the very first thing you want in your description is a clickable link to your website, an affiliate site, a CPA offer or your client’s site.   To do that, make sure that your link starts with “http://”.Once you have your link (and you can use a shortener service like Bit.ly if your URL is too long), the next thing you want is your keyword as close to the beginning of your first sentence as possible.  And, in your description, you’ll also want to add your secondary keyword while making your description sound like something someone wants to click on.Remember that even though you’re optimizing youtube videos for the search engines, your human readers have to be intrigued enough by your title and description to actually click on the video.  You can also add a section called Keywords or Tags at the end of your description to get a couple more related keywords in there.
  3. Youtube Tags – this is the easiest part since you’ve already researched the keywords you’re going after.  Put your main keyword first here, separate it with a comma and continue to put any secondary keywords (you shouldn’t have more than 4-6 keywords total).


TIP:  If you have a Youtube channel where you’re continually adding new videos, put your Youtube channel name as the first keyword in your tags section.  This way, which works similar to Playlists, viewers of your video will see your other videos in the Related Videos section (either after the video finishes playing or on the right hand side if they’re watching from inside Youtube).



In the video below, I got through each step of optimizing Youtube videos as I upload a promotional video for a local pub.





As you can see, optimizing youtube videos isn’t actually that hard once you understand what you’re doing.  If you’re trying to rank for local keywords i.e “victoria, bc sports bar”, you’ll find that a lot of the time, you’ll be able to rank these videos at the top of the search engines just by following my tips above on Optimizing Youtube Videos:  How to do Youtube Video SEO.


If you’ve found this post Optimizing Youtube Videos helpful, leave a comment or share this page and remember to check out all the posts on ReeseRichards.com:  Internet Marketing. Put Simply.




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  1. Frank Bellizio
    6 years ago

    I have been seo-ing my videos for awhile with great success but I picked up a couple valuable tricks, thanks.

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