Getting Started on Pinterest: To Pin or Not to Pin

Getting started on Pinterest?

Your company is at a point where you’ve got to decide whether getting started on Pinterest is worthwhile for your business or not.  If you spend any amount of time online, you’ve likely heard of Pinterest.  It’s a type of image / video sharing site that has been dubbed as the fastest growing website of all time.

I don’t like to get distracted with the newest and latest social media fads but Pinterest piqued my interest back when it launched and it still holds my interest today.  And since it’s still growing strong and not looking like just a fad anymore, I thought I’d dig a little deeper into Pinterest for you and see if getting started on Pinterest is the right thing for your business.

Pinterest did take a hit in traffic at the end of 2012 (as you can see in the Quantcast estimated site traffic graph below) but has rebounded from 20 million monthly visitors all the way back up to 80 million.

The Millions of Others Who Are Getting Started On Pinterest Pinterest-site-traffic


The first thing I did in my Pinterest research phase was to go check my current website traffic stats and see if any of my sites were currently getting any traffic from Pinterest.  And lo and behold, some of my sites were already getting free traffic from Pinterest because other people were  already “pinning” images from my sites.


So, I started a Pinterest account (you need to ask for an invite or get someone to send you an invite) and started pinning some of the images from a couple of my sites.  It turns out that there’s so much traffic on Pinterest that immediately after pinning a couple of images and videos, they were getting “re-pinned” and liked all over the place.  These re-pins are when someone pins your pin to their “board” (their page).


To give you a better idea of what Pinterest is, consider it to be a giant online bulletin or pin board where everyone shares images and video with each other.  Everyone has their own virtual bulletin board and they “pin” (which can be used both as a verb and noun) their pins (stuff they “stick” to their bulletin board) to their boards.  Then other people can like and re-pin your stuff or start following you.


If you have a website that has a lot of images or video on it, you have the potential to get a lot of traffic from Pinterest.  This can be done for free using their PinIt button which you can find inside Pinterest under “About” and “PinIt Button”.


If you don’t have the time nor an image – rich site, Pinterest may not be for you.  However, if you do, you could easily create a couple of pins in your niche – from varying sites – to start to gain popularity, and see some decent traffic and links coming through.


Once you add Pinterest’s PinIt button to your browser on your own computer (which doesn’t cost you anything), you can start pinning from your own site as well as from other people’s sites which are in your niche.  This will establish you on Pinterest as an expert in your niche and you should see a lot of traffic and links coming back to your site.


I’m just starting to get the hang of Pinterest myself.  If you own a website and you’d like to see if anyone has pinned content from your site, you can do this by pasting the following URL into your browser:

(obviously replace the /YOURWEBSITE.COM with the actual name of your website – and CAPS shouldn’t matter)

This will show you who has pinned content from your site. 

If you find that people have been pinning stuff from your website (and this may only happen if you have a decent flow of traffic), then you know it’s probably a good bet that you can bring in even more traffic by becoming active on the site yourself.  You can start by creating a couple different accounts – one in the name of your business, and one in your personal name.


At the time of this writing, I just posted a new image from my bartending site and within 10 minutes, it had been liked 4 times and repined 9 times. And I didn’t even pay attention to time zones when I pinned it – it was around 3am EST, which isn’t a good time to post (depending on where your customers are).


If you want to get even more Pinterest exposure for your site, you can check out the PinUp Pro WordPress plugin which allows you to add a PinIt button to your images and videos and gets people to subscribe to your Pinterest account – very viral and powerful.
I’d love to hear your experience with Pinterest – is it working for your business?



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