If You Had the Formula to Get Anything You Wanted in Life, Would You Follow The Instructions?

My name’s Reese Richards and I want to share with you the mindset strategies and techniques I’ve used throughout my life to get whatever I’ve wanted.  

The same mindset strategies that have allowed me to follow my passion, work from home and travel the world. 


Let Me First Start Off By Telling You Something That You Likely Don’t Want to Hear…….



….You Just Don’t Know How to Wield That Power Yet!


Tell me, do you sometimes go to bed thinking that, although you sat in front of your computer the whole day, you didn’t actually ACCOMPLISH much?


If you’re like most people, you probably do a lot of STUFF when you sit down in front of your computer to work – but is it PRODUCTIVE stuff? Is it stuff that moves you closer to your goal?


I’ll be the first to admit that I used to fall into this trap every single day when I first started actually making money online. I would start my day by checking my email, then I would log into Facebook and Twitter. Then I would see who’s on Skype and maybe have a quick instant message back-and-forth.


Then I would take care of my favorite part of “work” -
Checking my online income.


I’d go to Clickbank, Amazon, Google and other affiliate sites to see how much money I’d made since last I checked – about 8 or 9 hours earlier. After I ran through all my affiliate stats, CPA stats and Google Adsense income, well then I’d have to check other stats – so, I’d log into Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to “analyze” what’s happening with the traffic to my sites.

By the time I got finished with that routine, I would have spent a solid couple of hours in front of my computer – accomplishing nothing. And what’s worse? I was about to go through the same routine 8 or 9 hours later – right before I went to bed.


It’s unproductive and accomplishes very little. 


If you’re willing to put in the hours and do what it takes to become successful at something, doesn’t it make sense to go about in a way that maximizes your productivity?


You probably know that if you’re struggling with Internet Marketing and haven’t found success yet, something is going to have to change. And that change doesn’t mean buying the next shiny piece of push button software.


What you need is a system.  A step-by-step system that holds you accountable for reaching the goals you set out for yourself.  A system that includes mindset techniques that will allow you to blow through any negativity that may be holding you back.


And that system is…..



Prime Directive Testimonial #1




Maybe because of my military upbringing, I have an unfair advantage over other people when it comes to systems and the mindset of success.  You see, my father drilled it into me at a very young age that I could accomplish anything as long as I set proper goals and maintained a winning mindset.  He was the stereotypical military father who treated his family like his platoon.

At the age of 5, I was forced to wake up at 4am to start running.


I was on my dad’s special training regime that would see me run a marathon two years later at the age of 7.


This drilling of focus and action continued through my childhood and into my adolescent years which saw me:

  • Complete a 12.5 km swim-a-thon at the age of 8
  • Mountain-bike 1000 km across half of Alberta, Canada through the mountains between Banff, Jasper and Red Deer at the age of 10
  • Win top honors in arm wrestling competitions between the ages of 11 and 13


Now, these were just some of the successes that I achieved under my dad’s iron fist – a result of taking massive action and focusing on goals. Without knowing it, I continued to implement these ‘secrets’ throughout my teenage years.


This tunnel-vision of pure focus and action lent itself to my:

  • Canoeing the Rideau River waterway in Ottawa (200+ km) at age 14
  • Taking home medals in the provincial boxing championships at the age of 15
  • Racking up trophy after trophy in 8 and 9-ball pool competitions


This was all thanks to the system that I know call…



Prime Directive Testimonial #2



With the Prime Directive system, like me, you’ll be able to accomplish at least 3 TIMES MORE EACH DAY than other business owners.


Now, I should tell you, this product is not for everyone. If you’re already successful in Internet Marketing and work at it full time, you likely DO NOT need to buy Prime Directive – congratulations, you already have a system thats working for you.


No, Prime Directive is for those of you who:

  • have struggled buying product after product looking for THEE answer
  • have only made a couple dollars online



Even if you’re moderately successful online, Prime Directive can take your business to the next level.  Prime Directive is for you guys and gals out there who have a dozen plates spinning – hoping that one of them is your ticket to financial freedom.


So if you’re NOT YET SUCCESSFUL and you would like to:

  • Go full-time online and finally fire your boss
  • Skyrocket your traffic, subscribers and sales
  • Be more productive than you ever thought possible
  • Get a full day’s worth of results in just a few hours a day


…then buying Prime Directive will be the best money you’ve ever spent.




Prime Directive Testimonial #3




So those were the results when I applied the Prime Directive techniques and systems to sports and physical challenges. As I got older and entered college, I again applied the principles and again the system didn’t disappoint. I graduated from Business Marketing at the top of my program with a 3.93 (out of 4.0) GPA.


Throughout my career I’ve continued to apply these same principles and techniques that I teach in Prime Directive. I have used these exact principles and systems to build companies operating around the world in industries ranging from education and health to dating and nightlife.


If you’re not yet convinced of what type of drastic changes you can expect after implementing the Prime Directive system; let me continue with some other examples of how Prime Directive has changed my life.


Prime Directive at work in My Online Business…….

In my Internet marketing business, I have used the information and systems in Prime Directive to achieve massive results in short-term bursts. The last time I applied these principles, these are the results I saw in my business within 3 months.



And with the above site, traffic TRIPLED from the lowest day in April (222 unique visitors) to the highest day in July (689 unique visitors).


 And what did this increase in traffic result in?





Now maybe travel is not your passion.  But what about just the freedom to be able to work from home and not have to worry about the economy or a J.O.B.


What if you could stay home with your family while making enough money to afford the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted….and deserved.

The real secret to success – whether on or offline – is, believe it or not, all in your mind.

I don’t mean that as if it’s a figment of your imagination.  I mean that when you learn to control your mind and focus your energy, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish.


As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about how that last bit must sound.  The part about being able to accomplish anything you put your mind to.  I know it sounds kind of corny or cliche but the reality is that it’s just this one thing – mindset – that differentiates the uber-successful from the always trying to be successful.

I’ll be honest, a product about mindset or psychology is a tough sell.  It’s in our very nature NOT to think that the one thing keeping us from success is ourselves.

But the sooner you figure out that you already have what it takes to succeed – and the only change you need to make is a change in your mindset and the implementation of some strategies – the sooner life will give you what you want.

So stop buying the next best thing, the newest method or the shiniest software to come along. That’s not the answer. Believe me, I’ve been there – buying product after product hoping that the next one was going to be the answer I was looking for. All the while I kept thinking that I was missing something. Some secret piece of the Internet wealth puzzle.

But I wasn’t. And either are you. You have all you need to know. Now you have to put it into action. Systematic, calculated and accountable action – day in and day out – following the step-by-step methods set out in Prime Directive.



It’s not how much you work; it’s HOW you work and how FOCUSED you are on the work you do.

You see my friends, it’s the society that we live in that’s caused us to be the way we are. To constantly be looking for something new, to multitask and work on 10 different things at a time.


But what this is doing is KEEPING YOU POOR! Multitasking may be something that you put on your resume to impress your next boss but it isn’t something that’s going to make you a lot of money in the IM world.


Whatever business you’re in, whatever you do in life, Prime Directive is something that will catapult your success.

Inside the PRIME DIRECTIVE you’ll find:

Module #1:  Getting Laser Focused With a Plan of Action

  • How an Action Plan is going to help you achieve success
  • Finding the Flaws in your current work schedule
  • Getting more time out of your day
  • Setting up your new ACTION schedule
  • 5 Essential Productivity Tips to become 3 TIMES more productive


Module #2:  Tapping Into the mind of a World-Class athlete

  • How to Trick your Brain into thinking you’re already successful (and how that will help you achieve success in record time)
  • An Illustration of how ‘Mindset Manipulation’ works
  • 8 Golden Rules you NEED to follow to achieve results
  • Utilizing the Power in the 6 Key Areas Of Life
  • The key component in putting this power into action – a step-by-step outline to implement this strategy in your own life


Module #3:  Turning your Dreams into Goals and then Reality

  • How visualization springboards success
  • Creating your own roadmap to success


Module #4:  Creating Time out of Thin Air

  • The only time multitasking truly is effective


Module #5:  Using all your senses to achieve successes

  • Utilizing the power of the action plan
  • See, hear, smell, touch and taste success
  • The 10-Step, take-you-by-the-hand formula to start achieving
  • Putting the ACTION into ACTION Plan


If that power-packed 49-page main guide wasn’t enough, Prime Directive also includes:

  • My Action Plan Excel Template
  • A 16-minute video introducing how to use the Action Plan Template
  • A Mind map of all the Parts contained within Prime Directive
  • A Weekly Planner
  • A Contract of Action

Because mindset is such an important part of your success, I wanted to include some WICKED BONUSES from some legendary personal development writers.

When you pick up a copy of Prime Directive, I’ll also include these 4 Awesome classics which are in the form of audio books (so you don’t have to spend the time reading ;)

PLUS….. these BONUSES:

Audio Book #1

The Path of Prosperity

by James Allen


Audio Book #2

As a Man Thinketh

by James Allen


Audio Book #3

Acres of Diamonds

by Russell Cronwell


Audio Book #4

Science of Getting Rich

by Wallace Wattles


What Prime Directive can do for you is:

  • Remove all the other distractions so you can get to work on what works
  • Make you accountable to take massive, laser-focused action day in and day out
  • Uncover ways in which you can add hours of extra time to your work day
  • Show you simple strategies that you can implement today that will literally pull success your way
  • Get you out of the poor man’s multitasking mentality
  • Put on blinders so that you see nothing else but the success waiting for you at the end of the road

If you are one of the many people fighting IM information overload, Prime Directive is your ace in the hole. It’s like having a focus coach in your corner, looking over your shoulder every step of the way.


You don’t need to know a thousand different online marketing tactics to be successful, you just need to know a couple that work. You need to know them inside out and put them to work by taking focused action.

Pick up your copy of Prime Directive and start seeing the success that you deserve in your life.


Let’s say you go through the easy-to-follow steps laid out in the Prime Directive and it results in you being able to quit your day job. How much is that worth to you? What if you only need to work 6 months out of the year because you’re so productive with the other 6 months? What would that kind of lifestyle be worth to you?


Make sure you go ahead and grab your copy today because that low price won’t stay that low forever.


This is your first test – do you have what it takes to FOCUS and take ACTION by clicking the buy button now and beginning your real journey to Internet marketing success?



I’ve been creating products for a long time now and I stand behind everything that I put out.  If you apply the principles and strategies outlined in Prime Directive and you don’t see MASSIVE results in your business and don’t feel that you got your money’s worth, simply let me know and I’ll make it right or send you a refund.  Honestly, I don’t want your money if my product didn’t work for you the way I said it would.


You know, my goal here is the same as your goal – to see you become successful in Internet Marketing. Really, there is no better feeling for someone than to see others benefit from their teachings.


You have nothing to lose with my 30-day guarantee.  If you apply the principles and strategies outlined in Prime Directive and you don’t see MASSIVE results in your business and don’t feel that you got your money’s worth, simply let me know and I’ll make it right or send you a refund. Honestly, I don’t want your money if my product didn’t work for you the way I said it would.


So what is something like this worth to you? Well inside I do show you THEE secret to success. Let’s say you go through the easy-to-follow steps laid out in the Prime Directive and it results in you being able to quit your day job. How much is that worth to you? What if you only need to work 6 months out of the year because you’re so productive with the other 6 months? What would that kind of lifestyle be worth to you?


Internet Marketing can be a tough road to travel. And success doesn’t always lie at the end of that road. But with Prime Directive, you’ll have a map to get you there.

No one can guarantee your success – not unless they are sitting beside you holding your hand every step of the way. But, what is guaranteed is that you’ll never achieve success unless you take the right action – massive, focused action – and block out the rest of the world while you focus on your success.

Whether you buy my product or not, I wish you all the best and much success in whatever avenue you take in life.


 Reese Richards