Two Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Two Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website or Blog

Two of the best free ways to get traffic to your website make use of 3rd party sites that already have a massive amount of traffic.

Learn how to re-purpose your existing content to get extra backlinks and traffic to your site.   Let’s face it – it takes a serious amount of work to continually put out top-quality content for your site or blog.  So when you do get that awesome content down on paper and uploaded to your website, you want to leverage the content as far as you can.

Basically what that means is that if you write a great blog post (for example, this blog post Two Free Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website or Blog) or publish other content online, you want to repurpose or use that content as much as you possibly can to get the most possible viral mileage out of it.

In the video below, I discuss two of my favorite free ways to get traffic to your website or blog – and   These are two excellent sites – with very high Page Rank, where you can upload your already existing content. – a content sharing site has a very high Page Rank which passes on valuable link juice. It’s also highly trafficked so you can expect visitors to your site you never would have gotten otherwise.

The 2nd site mentioned in the video is –  an instruction style content sharing site which also has a very high PR. These two sites are excellent posting your repurposed content and helping to raise your site’s rankings.


The reason I actually starting writing this blog post was because I received an email from Slideshare showing me statistics from my account – and I was surprised at how much traffic my uploads were getting (take a look for yourself in the screenshot below – click the image to enlarge it)

How to get traffic to your website

So here’s something I haven’t touched in a year that’s still getting consistent views, traffic and downloads each and every week.



This is the type of activity that’s perfect for an outsourcer.  Have them go on a RE-PURPOSE campaign where they turn your blog / site content into presentations, videos, articles, mp3s etc that you then have them upload to your newly created accounts around the web.




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