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Video Mate Pro is a WordPress plugin designed by fellow IMer and graphic designer, Alexander Sebastien.  The VideoMate Pro plugin allows you to turn any video on your site into a massive Call to Action.  Not only can you overlay Calls to Action such as Buy Now, Click Here Now etc, but you can also put it an Opt-in form – right inside the video.


Video Mate Pro


I shot a video of my review of  Video Mate Pro.  It looks like a solid plugin with some really cool functionality – allowing you to increase conversions and build your list via video; all the while increasing virality through FB sharing and Youtube Subscribe buttons.  And much more….


VideoMate Pro Review





This plugin is awesome for being able to control the look and feel of videos hosted on your site.  The only Video Mate Pro con I can think of is something that’s totally out of the plugin designer’s hands….

The changes you make to the video on your site by way of the plugin will not show up if someone is viewing your video directly in Youtube.  No plugin or piece of software has this ability to change the videos hosted on Youtube, however.


If you want more information or would like to buy Video Mate Pro,



On the sales thread for the product, there’s a lot more information about what the product does.  Plus you can read VideoMate Pro reviews from other customers who have purchased Video Mate Pro.

When you click the link for more information on Video Mate Pro, you’ll be redirected to a sales thread on, an Internet Marketing forum, that looks similar to what you see below:


Buy Video Mate Pro


Bare Link:


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